Project Management

The City has a number of committees that oversee the adoption, implementation and management of capital investment projects.

The Community Redevelopment Agency committee is made up of the sitting Mayor, City Commissioners and two Business Owner(s) and/or Resident(s). They oversee and approve the expenditure of annually budgeted and Grant funds for projects in the overlay / Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) district, such as the Pier and Bridge Street.

Project Requests

City project requests can come from the public, Commission, constituents, City staff as well as presentations made by product/services vendors. City staff identify, rank and present potential City projects to the City Commission for approval such as vehicle purchases, City park development, City projects outside normal operation, etc. Funding comes from the annual budget and Grant sources.

Multi-Use Path at Coquina Beach-Cortez BeachPast & Current Projects

Some examples of past projects are the bicycle lanes on Gulf Drive, The multi-use path on Gulf Drive South and trolley shelters throughout the city. Past projects included the $1 million+ Pier Reconstruction Project, John R Chappie Park and Dune revamp at Gulf Drive and Cortez Road.

Pier Team

The Pier Team is comprised of the department heads and oversees the day to day operations at the city pier and manages any pier construction projects.