Stormwater runoff is generated from many different land surfaces and is impacted by the behaviors and activities of individuals, households, and the public. These common individual behaviors have the potential to generate stormwater pollution including:

  • littering,
  • disposing of trash and recyclables,
  • disposing of pet-waste,
  • applying lawn-chemicals,
  • washing cars,
  • changing motor-oil, and
  • disposing leftover paint and household chemicals.

Convincing others to change their behaviors and properly dispose of materials can control such pollution. It is important that the public be aware of the significance of their behavior and that their actions can either pollute or protect our waterways. Our Public Works Department and Building and Planning Departments work to meet local, state and federal regulation to protect our environment. To report a concern or a suspected illicit discharge into the stormwater system or natural waterways contact our Code Enforcement department. stormwater drain image

Stormwater system design 

Continuing stormwater drainage concerns and engineering requirements for new stormwater retention systems are addressed through the Building Department in conjunction with the City Engineer and our Public Works department.  

Land Development Code Section 605 details the Stormwater management requirements for the City.  Detailed requirements can be found on the Building Department Forms and Information page.