Planning & Zoning

Planning  and Zoning Board

The planning and zoning board is a citizen board to recommend land use policies to the city commission and to conduct reviews required for the approval of development proposals.

Current Members : John Burns (Chair),  James Lynch, Bill Marrow, Fred Bartizal, Ken McDonough and Andrew Mincieli.

The planning and zoning board is optimally composed of seven members and two alternate members appointed by the city commission. Each member resides within the city, but no member is in the pay of, or an elected officer of, the city. Each member is appointed for a term of three years

The planning and zoning board maintains information on population, property values, the economy, land use and other information necessary in determining the amount, direction and kind of development to be expected in the city.
In accordance with the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act, the planning and zoning board is designated as the local planning agency for the city. The board monitors and oversees the operation, effectiveness and status of this chapter and recommend amendments to the city commission that are consistent with the comprehensive plan.

The planning and zoning board conducts public hearings to gather information necessary for the drafting, establishment, amendment and maintenance of the various elements of the comprehensive plan and to determine if special exceptions are found to be present in any development proposal.

For Meeting times and dates please see the Calendar

To view the requirements of the Planning & Zoning Board: CLICK HERE

Download the full overview of the scope of responsibility of the Planning and Zoning Board below

Planning and Zoning Board Overview
Planning and Zoning Board Overview
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