City Hall

Katie Perola Commission Chamber


Mission Statement

The government of the City of Bradenton Beach is comprised of five elected officials and seven departments. Although the duties of the various city departments are diverse in nature, all officials, staff and volunteers are committed to continued enhancement of the quality of life and excellence of service to the entire community.

Our System of Government

The City of Bradenton Beach is governed by a Mayor/Commission system. The Commissioners are elected by a city wide vote to represent specific areas or Wards;  the Mayor by the city ‘at large’.

The specific system of government used in Bradenton Beach is known as the ‘Weak Mayor’ system. The weak mayor system sometimes utilizes a city manager to work in an administrative capacity. The Mayor administers Commission policy and directives and can vote on all matters before Commission.

In this form of the Mayor/Commission government, the commission possesses both legislative and executive authority. The commission may appoint officials and must approve of mayorial nominations. The commission also exercises primary control over the municipal budget.

The Mayor and Commissioners are paid a nominal salary for their postitions and without exception seek election from a sense of duty and service to the community.



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